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Rookie Rugby is the perfect fit for any school or community program. Rookie Rugby exists in P.E. classes, after-school programs, and club programs around Canada. Check out the benefits for starting Rookie Rugby:

  • Non-Contact – Rookie Rugby uses flag belts to eliminate the contact element of rugby. This makes it safe for all ages and eases any parent concerns for starting their children in rugby.
  • Low Cost – Starting a Rookie Rugby program is cost-effective because many schools, community programs, and rugby clubs already have space and most equipment to get started.
  • Revenue Generating – Similar to many other youth sports, Rookie Rugby can be a great way to bring more revenue to your organization. It increases your membership numbers and brings more awareness to your programs.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Program – Flag rugby is safe on basketball courts, fields, and parking lots! This allows you to increase your sport offerings during colder months.
  • Co-Ed Play – Rookie Rugby can be played by boys and girls of all ages! If you do not have girls-specific programing yet, Rookie Rugby is a great way to start offering rugby for girls!

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