Rookie Rugby has been reviewed and endorsed by PHE Canada for schools and communities across Canada.

Rookie Rugby Guidebook

Guidebook PDF
Learn more about the game of Rookie Rugby in this How-To Guidebook for parents, teachers, coaches and volunteers. This resource will provide you with an overview of the game, a breakdown of rules, and coaching tips for helping your participants be successful on the field.

Rookie Rugby School Resource

School Resource PDF
Looking to teach Rookie Rugby in schools? Check out our School Resource for teaching multiple sessions of rugby for the first three stages of LTAD. Each session uses the Rookie Rugby game cards and ensures students are learning the right skills to be successful and have fun!

Rookie Rugby Presentation

Presentation PDF
Hosting a meeting and need to present Rookie Rugby? This pre-made presentation will provide you with great selling points on the program that you can use in any meeting. Add your own slides in to personalize the presentation for your needs.

Rookie Rugby Game Cards

Game Cards PDF
This manual contains each Rookie Rugby game card all in one place! Find any games you need for beginners, more experienced players, focused activities on offense and defense, and flag rugby variations guaranteed to keep your kids active and having fun.

Rookie Rugby Event Guide

Event Guide PDF
Use this manual to help you plan your next Rookie Rugby event! Everything you need to run a Try Rugby Day or a Rookie Rugby League can be found here including event logistics, budget, marketing, and more! This resource is great for clubs and organizations running youth rugby programming.

Rookie Rugby Participation Certificate

Participation Certificate PDF
Download this editable certificate to give out to your Rookie Rugby players for their outstanding participation! Just download the PDF and type in each players’ name.

2022 Rookie Rugby Logo

If you are building your own Rookie Rugby promotional materials, please click the link to download the most up to date Rookie Rugby logos

2024 Rookie Rugby Logos

Promotional Materials

These promotional materials can be printed out and used at various events to help individuals find more information on Rookie Rugby.

Not finding what you’re looking for? Let us know what you need to help make Rookie Rugby successful in your community. Contact us.

Provincial/Territorial Curriculum Links

These documents outline Provincial/Territorial Curricular Outcomes and where Rookie Rugby meets the criteria for grades K-7.

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